Wazobet Easy Money Category

Easy Money Casino Category Wazo
Easy Money Casino Category Wazo

Wazobet Easy Money Category

The category Wazobet Easy Money is named after a set of games that serve a particular objective. The focus is to create a simple way to play some games and to make a lot of money in Wazobet ‘s casino.

Easy Money Casino Category Wazo
Easy Money Casino Category Wazo

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner or an expert in casino games. Wazobet has done this particularly for everybody as a world-leading online casino service provider. The category Easy Money contains games you can continually win from without devoting special concentration on them.

These are basically a variety of games, which you can play without stress and pressure. And as easy and simple as they are, you will still win through.

On many occasions, some games demand our highest level concentration and this makes us tired and overwhelmed which can lead to loss of money.

After realizing the regular phenomenon among numerous players and the subsequent discouragement it can cause, Wazobet then took the deliberate step of collecting some very easy yet highly rewarding EASY MONEY CATEGORY games together. 

You will surely enjoy one or more of these Wazobet’s ten Easy Money games. Relax, play, and start winning with minimal efforts:

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Poke the Guy 

To start, players must choose from a selection of items with which to hit the man. If you succeed and get the guy, a random reward of multipliers of up to 500x will be awarded. Very Easy Money game. 

Golden Boot 2018

Rather than free spins, this virtual football match will give you something far more useful: free balls. By lighting up all 3 LEDs at the top of the game panel you can win 5, 10 or 20 bonus balls.

Boss the Ball

This is an interesting game for both beginners and experts. To win, you’ll have to become the big boss of the balls. Be in charge of the great game to take home the jackpot. There are 49 balls, 43 medals, and six red cards, all randomly scattered over the reels.

The Incredible Balloon Machine 

In this game, instead of a spin, you will hold down a button. This will activate the machine to blow up a balloon at a time with the size of the balloon becoming a determinant for your winnings. So Easy! 

Rocket Dice 

Now, the surprising thing about this game is that it requires no rigorous activity than finding yourself rolling two dice to determine the outcome of every turn and raking in your winnings as well. 

The Other 5 Easy Money games on Wazobet are:

  • Plinko
  • Minesweeper
  • Heads and Tails
  • Scratch Dice 
  • Gems Odyssey 


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